Make America Great Again through Prayer (Week 7)

This month, January 20, the United States of America will have a new President. Some want to preserve the legacy of the past; others are ready to usher in a fresh start. Regardless of the divided emotions across this country, the fact remains we will have a new President. We can either try to tear the coming Administration down or we can build it up. We can continue to fuel further division, or we can encourage one another and work together to achieve an America of great potential and influence upon the world. What success can come for America when so many only desire the President to fail? How is that good for the whole of the people? I urge you to pray this week for The UNITED States of America, that we will, indeed, become a united people and that those in government sworn in oath to uphold the Constitution do so loyally and faithfully in service to the American citizens and not in service to their pride or their own agenda. I understand historically, this is no small feat to overcome prejudice or political party preference; it is a huge undertaking to ask for overall agreement in any capacity, but our God is able. Please join me in prayer this week:

Our Father in Heaven, please hear our prayers for our Nation. We have looked to You in the past to be our God and we ask now, Lord, Your return in ruling our nation. We pray Lord, that respect and honor become favorable virtues again in this land. We pray Lord, that integrity and faith in You are seen as desirable qualities. We pray Lord that the moral compass of this nation turns towards You and has an understanding of Your Word. We welcome Your presence into our government, into our homes, our schools, and our businesses. We pray for unity and peaceable agreement of those in office. May there be an unprecedented act of restoration within our nation. Where slander, envy, and pride once ruled, overcome, Lord, with truth and selfless service towards others. Lord, give discernment and wisdom to our leaders. Bless us a nation, Lord, because we put our trust in You. Guide and direct us, Lord. Show us the path back “to one nation under God.” Ignite in our hearts a passion to serve You now and forever. When we waiver in our commitment to a “man” and his authority, may we remain committed to You. Where we strain to see the purpose and plan through man’s eyes, may we have faith in Your divine plan and purpose. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

For God and country,



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