Make America Great Again through Prayer (Week 8)

And let it begin. May the American flag fly high this day, but most of all may we raise a banner to God over our nation and proclaim His greatness. Come swiftly Lord and may Your glory cover America, our leaders, and the people of this land.

Father, we bow before You as our Sovereign God. We praise You, thank You, and give You the glory Lord. Be with our leaders, President Trump and Vice-President Pence, and give them wisdom and discernment to hear Your will for America. May Your Hand be upon our nation. Turn our hearts towards You that Your face may shine upon us. Forgive us for past trespasses and may we go forward in what honors You. Lord, hear the cries of Your people as we humble ourselves in prayer. We pray, Lord, for a new beginning with You at the helm as our most high leader and God. We pray not only for our government, but that we the people will align our will to Yours. May we begin to live out of the overflow of love, compassion, and charity towards others that comes as we dedicate ourselves to You. Give us willing and obedient attitudes and actions that reflect who You are and the power that You alone hold. Bind up our wounds and heal us, Lord, that we may embrace a new thing. Grant to us an understanding of You. Where we once were in lack, may we now prosper and give You the glory Lord. Restore us, Lord, unto You. Raise up an army, Lord, of leaders and followers that will serve You. May we, first, all unify under You. Give us strength and endurance in the coming days, Lord, to follow through in Your purpose. Build Your church, Lord, in this land, and may we be Your people. We invite You into our lives and this nation. In Jesus’s Name we pray. Amen.

For God and country,



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