Make America Great Again through Prayer (Week 9)

Do we dare pray and go up against the giant of Roe v. Wade? After all, it has stood for 44 years as it had an anniversary this week. On January 22, 1973, the decision of the United States Supreme Court was released ruling that the decision to terminate a pregnancy was between a woman and her doctor and protected under the constitutional right to privacy.

So what would it take for Roe v. Wade to be overturned? Could it happen during four years/eight years? Beyond the Supreme Court Justices decision, there is much short-term and long-term to pray about:

  • An exceptional, strategic, and dedicated legal team

  • Funds

  • A new, firm, and well-developed case/lawsuit presented that would not affirm Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court can overrule itself when a different case addressing the same constitutional issue is brought before the court. It would take another case addressing abortion to go through lower courts and make it to the Supreme Court.

A less common way allows for states to amend the Constitution themselves. This requires cooperation from three-fourths of the state legislators in the country and was how Prohibition was repealed in 1933.

If the Court voted to overturn Roe, it would go back to the states and the states would then make a determination. States would have the authority to regulate abortion within their borders. A woman living in a state where abortion would become illegal could “go to another state” if she wanted the procedure.

Legislators in D.C. do have the power to restrict access to abortion and other reproductive care, and states are permitted to disfavor abortion. States can also restrict abortion coverage and target abortion providers.

  • Pro-life voice being heard as a majority as politicians usually respond to public opinion.

Justices stick to the law and it’s really hard for Justices to overturn precedent if there is no legal reason to do so and there is not public support to do so either.

  • Supreme Count Justices – appointee and vacancies to open up

It has been predicted that Roe v. Wade will likely remain intact. That’s because the court doesn’t tend to go against its own precedent, and would be putting its “institutional legitimacy on the line” if it overturned Roe merely because its composition had changed. Furthermore, the court likely wouldn’t want to appear political by changing its mind because there’s a new administration in the White House. If Ginsberg or Kennedy or Breyer leaves the court, there will be five votes to overrule Roe v. Wade.

During his two terms as president, Reagan appointed three justices to the Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy. He also elevated conservative William Rehnquist to the position of Chief Justice. Reagan believed the justices he appointed would overturn Roe. However, Kennedy ended up becoming the unexpected swing vote in favor of abortion, alongside O’Connor. The reason Roe didn’t get overruled was that Kennedy voted to affirm Roe v. Wade in 1992 in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. 

President Trump’s pick and appointment to U.S. Supreme Count is crucial. There’s a chance that Trump may get to appoint additional Justices during his tenure as President, since three of the liberal Justices are quite old: Ginsberg is 83, Kennedy is 80, and Breyer is 78. Justices usually don’t choose to retire under presidents of the opposing party; it’s very unusual for them to do so.

  • The aftermath should the Roe v. Wade be overturned

Long term, should Roe v Wade be overturned, and for us not to come up against it again, pro-life will require support through future President’s and the consistency and dedication of people in the U.S. to maintain a passion and moral standard that abortion is wrong.

  • This is not a women’s health issue. It is not a reproductive rights issue. It is a life issue.


Holy Father, hear our prayers as our desires to align with Your will. Begin to organize us, Lord, and order our steps that Your will be done. Speak life into our nation, Lord, and may we honor You in all we do. Give us success in our plans to honor life, breathed into and given by You. Sustain us, Lord, in our efforts. Put power, influence, and wealth into the hands of the righteous to promote Your cause and give gain and increase to Your Kingdom. Lord, You know all that is necessary to overturn the ruling that allowed abortion to be legal in our nation. Begin to set in order events, people, and funds to overturn the decision. May America reflect a majority who favor and uphold Your values. May we boldly go forward to pursue what is right in Your eyes. Give us victory, Lord, and may You receive the glory. Forgive us, Lord, for the innocent blood we have shed. For those who have had abortions, Lord, we pray in intercession for their healing and that they might come to know You, for in Christ there is forgiveness and there is no condemnation. We pray for those who are contemplating abortion that they choose life. Speak into their hearts, Lord, and send Your representatives to encourage and strengthen them in their decision. In Jesus’s Name we pray. Amen.

For God and Country,



Many would argue that the U.S. Supreme Court should interpret the U.S. Constitution and not the Bible. However, our forefathers wrote the Constitution with our Creator in mind-to uphold Him, to be in alignment with Him, and have His blessing upon our nation.

The Declaration of Independence and The Preamble to the Constitution:

…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…

3 thoughts on “Make America Great Again through Prayer (Week 9)

  1. This morning while I was at the nail salon they were talking about this on the news. My tech who was doing my nails asked me what is my stand on this. I told him I am for Life. He then said you must be a Christian? I said yes I am.

    When it was time for me to move to another table and let my nails dry, this woman who I don’t know must of heard what I said because she literally rowed her eyes and me. I asked her nicely twice by saying excuse me please may I get by, she looked up at me and rowed her eyes the second time and looked at me as if I was nothing.

    My tech saw that she was being rude to me and he offered me another place to sit. It’s amazing to me that even in a Salon people can be rude just because you make your own stand by standing up for a life.

    1. Sorry this happened to you Desiray. No one should be rude. Thank you that you were polite. Love paired with our convictions, plus wisdom, is the answer. It is a wise example to follow.

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